Educating and Contributing to the Blockchain Community

The main purpose of NEU Blockchain Organization is to engage in discussion and education of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology through hands-on learning experiences through research on Northeastern’s campus. We are fostering an open community across undergraduate, graduate, alumni, and industry professionals to build the next blockchain-crypto hub at Northeastern.

Why Join?

Education, guest speakers, panels, etc.

Hands-on learning experiences and software development

Career, networking, entrepreneur opportunities

Academic and industry research

Our team

Chandler Otterbein

I am a fourth-year student at Northeastern University pursuing a degree in Business Administration and Psychology with a Finance concentration. I am passionate about the possibilities of blockchain technology. Through my coursework and research, I am exploring the future of Web3 and the applications of blockchain technology in order to help businesses create scale and efficiency in global markets. I am also interested in the psychology of how individuals will adapt to this increasingly digital world.

Cooper Duschang

Executive VP & Director of Governance
I am a third-year studying Business Administration with a concentration in Finance and currently co-oping with Coin Metrics as a Crypto Data-Ops Analyst. I enjoy researching new protocols and tokenomics that help contribute to blockchain development and adoption. When not working, I enjoy snowboarding, golfing, and trying new foods.

Cole Christiana

VP of Research and Development
Ideation drove me to Web3, and the excitement of building a business system around a product that leverages blockchain tech keeps me here. Soon, we’ll utilize large language models to further R&D efforts in Web3. I believe these technologies have great capacity for good. Outside of tech, I love reading, meeting people, trying new foods, and exercising!

Luciane Muroya

VP of NEU WiBlock
I’m a fifth year Finance and Accounting major with a minor in IT. Joined NEU Blockchain on Spring ‘23 as VP of Wiblock Hub and have increasingly expanded my exposure to the industry since. Looking forward to a new semester and hard work!

Varshini Sundaresan

VP of Marketing
Hi everyone! I'm Varshini, an incoming third-year CS + Design major! I'm currently the VP of Marketing and have a lot of passion in art and design. I got into Blockchain technology through my dad, who built crypto mining computers many years ago. Then, I ventured into the NFT market and some basic Blockchain investing practices. I would love to be a web-developer in the future, and work for Blockchain-based companies as I believe Web 3.0 will keep changing the world!

Adithi Ponakampalli

Director of Social Media
I'm an incoming second-year Computer Science and Economics major! I got into blockchain a year ago after joining this club and researching security vulnerabilities of blockchain technology through case studies of blockchain-based cryptocurrencies and common hacks. But when I am not on campus, my favorite things to do are painting, ice skating, and traveling across the country.

Dheeraj Nalubolu

Director of Technology
Pursuing a Master’s degree in Software Engineering Systems at Northeastern University, my focus is strongly inclined towards blockchain technology. I’ve developed significant projects that simplify crypto asset transfers, streamline the lending process on-chain, and a cross-chain decentralized exchange (DEX). These projects have distinguished themselves, winning accolades in four different hackathons. At present, I’m managing a staking pool on Mina Protocol, underscoring my commitment to blockchain’s fundamental tenets - decentralization and self-sovereignty. Looking forward to exploring this groundbreaking landscape and making the most of its self-sovereign potential.

Sebastian Sepulveda

Director of Podcast
I’m Sebastian, a third-year Computer Science student at Northeastern University. I got into blockchain almost a year ago after I went to a hackathon and learned about the rich potential of the technology. I love talking with people about what they love the most, and increasing my own knowledge as a result. When I’m not studying or building something, I’m probably weightlifting, cooking, reading, or practicing Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

Akshat Gandhi

Co-Director of Events
Akshat is a Computer Science graduate student, and he's into developing DeFi apps and watching soccer. His favorite crypto is Ethereum.


Co-Director of Events
I am a third-year Finance concentration with a Data Science minor. Currently, I am on Co-op at Summit Partners as a portfolio monitoring analyst. I am interested in nfts, defi, gamefi, and contracts trading. I’ve been in the blockchain space since late 2020 and I am excited for what the future holds!

Kashyab Murali

Co-Director of Events
I am Kashyab Murali, and am currently interning as a blockchain developer at a healthcare startup. I am super interested in how startups, software and modern technology work especially AI and blockchain! Fun thought: we should trade mark “cryptohuskies”

Amey Bansod

Website Head
Being the website head, I am responsible for flipping the box you are currently seeing.😝 Master's student originally from India specializing in blockchain. Been into various roles like software engineer, project manager, CEO across years. Also, a student of Indian Classical Music and local Marathi poet and writer.